In the 2011 film Limitless, a battling writer performed by Bradley Cooper will become 1 of the world’s smartest men following taking an experimental drug identified as NZT-48. The character then proceeds to use his newfound intelligence to finish his novel, make mountains of cash on the inventory marketplace, and to earn back the affection of his ladylove. Minor extra than a MacGuffin in the film, the fictional wonder drug is dependent, albeit really loosely, on an enigmatic class of cognitive-maximizing medication known as nootropics.

What are they?

Any foods, drug, or nutritional nutritional supplement that enhances (or claims to) just one or more aspect of mental purpose, this sort of as focus, doing the job memory, or commitment, could be deemed a nootropic. Many of these substances, maybe even most, are marketed and sold as so-named ‘smart drugs’ to consumers on the online. Nevertheless in spite of their eye-catching claims, several nootropics have been formally analyzed and identified to boost mental operate. Currently we will examine two cognitive enhancers that are additional than just smoke and mirrors.


Derived from the racetam spouse and children of drugs, Noopept is a potent peptide that is prescribed as a nootropic in Russia. According to studies, it is up to 1000 occasions as potent as other, a lot more popular associates of the racetam relatives, these as piracetam. But you can find a lot more to Noopept than its substantial efficiency. Recognized mostly for its neuroprotective qualities, the drug has been found to boost memory in quite a few tests. One these kinds of study presented promising benefits in the remedy of cognitive degeneration in human beings with Alzheimer’s disorder. For these explanations and lots of a lot more, Noopept is regarded and marketed as a sensible drug, or nootropic. In actuality, it is made available as a nutritional dietary supplement in the United States and in most other nations. Only in Russia and neighboring nations is it sold as a prescription medicine.

In addition to its cognitive rewards, Noopept has also been examined for feasible anxiolytic (anti-stress) attributes. In one human research, adult topics reported significant improvements in stages of stress and anxiety, irritability, and depression. Even further gains on mood, slumber, and restlessness had been also observed in individuals with cognitive impairment. Many experiments have been accomplished on animals with comparable outcomes with regard to nervousness and melancholy similar to extraneous components.


An additional member of the racetam family members of prescription drugs, Phenylpiracetam (Phenotropil) is a derivative of piracetam with an additional phenyl molecule. Like our earlier entry, it is significantly much better than prototypical racetam medication with greater neuroprotective homes. In other words and phrases, it might have cognitive positive aspects that other, less powerful drugs do not possess. Of study course, the only way to gauge a drug’s success is to exam it, and Phenylpiracetam has been subjected to a lot of scientific scientific studies. What ended up the outcomes?

There is rather a little bit of study to recommend that Phenylpiracetam is helpful at lessening the amount of cognitive decrease brought on by organic brain diseases such as dementia, as opposed to mind trauma. The drug also helped ease some of the most prevalent signs and symptoms of cognitive decline, this sort of as anxiety and melancholy, in many diverse scientific studies and clinical trials.

Like Noopept, there is persuasive proof that Phenylpiracetam has anti-depressant attributes. In the two animal studies and human trials, the drug ameliorated depressive signs and symptoms in topics with cognitive impairment. This may well be because of to its psychostimulatory consequences, which can boost locomotor action for several hours on close.

Noopept and Phenylpiracetam comparison

Now that we know a little bit about these two nootropics, it is time to study them head-to-head. But ahead of we do, it is important to take note that both of these drugs or nutritional health supplements have verified successful at maximizing cognitive function in some topics. As a result, there is no winner or loser in this matchup, but simply a a lot more appropriate choice based mostly on particular person wants. With that in thoughts, let us analyze the tale of the tape.

Noopept Phenylpiracetam

Drug family members Racetam Racetam

Efficiency vs. Piracetam 1000 moments 60 instances

Classification(s) Neuroprotectant Neuroprotectant, Psychostimulant

Dosage 10-30mgs everyday 100-200mgs everyday

What are the principal distinctions?

In spite of the apparent discrepancy in power, when we change for dosage, Noopept and Phenylpiracetam are just about equal in efficiency, with the edge likely to Noopept. Two of the strongest cognitive enhancers readily available, the two drugs have been carefully examined in laboratory trials. As customers of the racetam family members of medication, they share identical mechanisms of action with just about every other and the prototypical racetam drug, piracetam. Nevertheless, important discrepancies amongst the two nootropics have been noticed during screening.


Just one significant variance among Phenylpiracetam and Noopept is that the former supplies a mental increase due to the fact it is a psychostimulant. What this means is that Phenylpiracetam makes a transient boost in psychomotor exercise that lasts for up to four several hours. In other words, it acts as a cognitive decide-me-up whose effects have been confirmed in many assessments. While there is some evidence that Noopept may increase your temper since of its anxiolytic qualities, it does not surface to boost psychomotor action mainly because it is not a stimulant.


Just as in the film Limitless, the results of most intelligent medicines are ephemeral, often long lasting only a handful of hours. Scientists have also noticed that end users tend to establish up a tolerance to these medications in short purchase. These kinds of is the case with Phenylpiracetam, which delivers a fast mind strengthen when employed episodically. However, when consumers get the drug on a normal, everyday basis, they do not get the very same stimulative outcomes due to the fact of tolerance. Noopept, on the other hand, does not look to share that shortcoming.

Researchers are not absolutely sure why this is, but the powerful nootropic can be taken for substantially longer periods of time with no the consumer setting up up a lot of a tolerance. According to many experiences, Noopept’s consequences are cumulative, which signifies that the drug will make up in the entire body more than time. With that mentioned, the accumulation takes considerably more time, generally about a single to two months ahead of people expertise peak rewards. As a outcome, most consumers cycle on and off of Noopept every single week or fortnight. The advantages of this application include things like enhanced aim and greater memory recall/retrieval.

Anxiousness and depression

Even though the mechanism of motion stays a thriller, equally Noopept and Phenylpiracetam have anxiolytic attributes. One particular theory is that both prescription drugs promote benzodiazepine receptors in the hippocampus area of the mind, which might support ease nervousness and depression. But nevertheless they operate, the two nootropics have demonstrated helpful in many experiments, specifically on subjects with cognitive impairment.

It is vital to note, nonetheless, that Noopept has been analyzed a lot more completely for anxiolytic homes than Phenylpiracetam, together with both equally animal scientific tests and human trials. By comparison, the efficacy of Phenylpiracetam for managing signs and symptoms of nervousness and despair has only been analyzed in rats. This does not necessarily mean that the drug is ineffective at treating these ailments, but simply that extra investigate is required.

When to use Noopept

A potent nootropic that provides peak effectiveness in 1 to two months, Noopept is 1 of the couple of good prescription drugs that can be used on a regular foundation. Irrespective of whether you are using a tough school course or are performing as a summertime intern in a hugely aggressive surroundings, Noopept can offer improved concentration, enhanced memory remember/retrieval, and bigger finding out ability. It is no wonder Noopept is one particular of the most popular nootropics on the sector today.

When employed responsibly, the drug/dietary supplement has number of side consequences. As opposed to most other nootropics, Noopept does not result in head aches or slumber difficulties. The most common problems are insignificant GI tract difficulties these types of as stomach aches. Usually the benefits of abnormal ingestion, the issue can generally be solved by cutting down to the recommended dosage.

When to use Phenylpiracetam

Approximately as potent as Noopept, Phenylpiracetam stimulates the brain and system, rising psychological concentration and actual physical energy at the identical time. Carefully examined in the lab and the field, the preferred nootropic enhances cognitive purpose, in distinct understanding and dilemma fixing. Its only noteworthy flaw looks to be that customers develop up a tolerance to Phenylpiracetam pretty speedily. In accordance to the analysis, peak added benefits are reached following only a couple of days of use. As a outcome, Phenylpiracetam is not a nutritional supplement that must be taken routinely.

Much like the fictional drug NZT-48, Phenylpiracetam delivers short bursts of electricity and brainpower that fade speedy. As this sort of, it works best when you know that you will need to have to concentrate intensely on something for a shorter period of time of time. Not incredibly, Phenylpiracetam is well-known with school pupils who take it for the duration of all-night time cram sessions just before a big test. It can also supply the vital mental stamina to meet a looming job or get the job done deadline. Just be aware that the cognitive enhancer only functions for all around 4 hrs at a time, soon after which time the stimulative rewards will recede.

As with any new treatment or supplement, new people might expertise side consequences when they get started getting Phenylpiracetam. Fairly slight in comparison to other medications, some buyers have documented bouts of gastrointestinal pain, headache, nausea, and irritability. Like most smart medications, there is no identified drug conversation with other remedies or supplements or possibility of bodily dependancy with Phenylpiracetam.


While not the miracle brain boosters we see in the videos, Noopept and Phenylpiracetam are authentic wise medications that can improve psychological functionality in some people. Comprehensive tests has also revealed that both nootropics assist simplicity feelings of nervousness and despair, in particular in men and women with cognitive impairment. Of program for most people, these medication are utilised to enhance psychological purpose, memory, and commitment – if only for a brief when.