Brecon Introduce Child Resistant Blister Pack Solution

Following the MHRA announcement making Child Resistant Senior Friendly (CRSF) packaging a legal requirement on certain blister packs, Brecon Pharmaceuticals Ltd has become the first UK company to introduce BS 8404 approved CRSF blister pack capabilities in-line.

Brecon has integrated the latest Pill protect™ CRSF technology onto its Noack 623 blister pack line. Pill protect™ have a number of products that meet BS8404 which range from a push through barrier for everyday products to a peel and push solution for delicate items. This layer is then applied directly onto the backing foil of each pack during the blister process. The system has been shown to be effectively child resistant in all testing and trials, while at the same time remaining senior friendly.

The system runs through a purpose built reel holding unit and labelling head, which has been specifically designed and built for Brecon's Noack machine and has been managed by Romaco UK. A reel of labels is used to supply the head and single labels are then applied in the correct position onto the top of the already formed and sealed blister pack. Both are then die cut into shape to produce a clean one-piece finish.

The system, which is fully BS 8404 compliant, has been designed to operate at 50 cycles per minute and five packs per cycle, with a maximum production of 250 blister packs per minute.

Brecon's Business Development Director Steve Kemp believes the system resolves many of the CRSF compliance issues. He said, "Following the new European legislation the industry has to move towards CRSF for many blister packed products. We were keen to source a cost effective and commercially viable solution for our customers and we are delighted that we are one of the first companies in the UK to do so."

15 June 2021

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