Brecon 1st CENTRE in UK for Assured Competence Packaging

Leading pharmaceutical outsource services provider Brecon Pharmaceuticals has become the first approved training centre in the UK that meets the requirements of the Assured Competence scheme in Packaging Operations, which recognises the continuous high levels of competence of its employees.

Photo caption from left to right:
Breconís President and CEO John Bath, Ann Randall CEO of PAA\VQ-SET (Process Awards Authority\Vocational Qualifications Engineering, Science and Technology) Breconís Training and Standards Development Manager Des Preece and Breconís Operations Director Andrew Billington

Brecon has been an approved training centre for the Packaging Operation NVQ levels 1-2 for several years. The companyís training team has developed the Certificate of Assured Competence in conjunction with the national qualifications and standards body PAA/VQSET, which is responsible for National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) assessment.

The aim of the new Certificate is to provide assurance to Breconís customers that its employees, who have previously been assessed through an NVQ at Level 2, are continuing to maintain the same high levels of competence over a prolonged period of time.

To develop the model for the certificate Brecon invited four of its operators to undergo a year long trial of assessment and external evaluation. The Candidates were rigorously assessed in all areas of their work from Good Manufacturing Process and cleaning protocols through to problem solving and health & safety. As well as specific on the job assessment the candidates had to show a clear understanding of their role through the production of good quality documentation and work diaries.

Breconís Training and Standards Development Manager Des Preece said, "We are extremely proud to be the first company in the UK to gain approval for this qualification. In effect, the Certificate of Assured Competence provides a training life after NVQ."

He continued, "During a customer audit there is often a focus on training and a requirement to show that the NVQ system is robust enough to identify and maintain ongoing competence levels. This Certificate provides the confidence our customers need, as it illustrates that Brecon can provide continuously high standards and levels of competence into the future. We must congratulate our candidates Rob Matthews, Sheila Allen, Kelly Chittock and Dawn Mereweather for being our first employees to achieve the Certificate of Assured Competence."

4 September 2021

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