Brecon's labelling service enhanced

Specialist pharmaceutical outsource packaging company Brecon Pharmaceuticals Ltd has upgraded its clinical trial labelling capabilities with the recent installation of the latest MAP80 PRISYM 2000 software to provide label design, printing and generation of randomisations.

The MAP80 software has been installed in Brecon’s dedicated labelling suite, which has two printing areas and a separate checking area for increased security.

The new system is one of the most powerful and flexible labelling and product identification software packages available and is fully compatible with Windows 2000 and NT. Its capabilities include differing levels of access, assigned through restricted password controls and the ability to create varying label designs, i.e. single label, 2-Part label and upwards. The system can also provide multi-language designs, which can achieve most true type fonts with international character support.

The system is able to generate randomisations for parallel, crossover, scrambled and alpha-numeric trials. Other features available are bar coding, including variable bar codes, any form of keyboard prompts, sequential numbering and graphic formats which can be exported for customer approval without compromising version control. The system also provides audit trails for traceability of tasks undertaken by all personnel.

Brecon’s Operations Director Andrew Billington believes the new system sets the industry standard and further expands the productivity of Brecon’s clinical trials operations. He said, “We commonly use databases for trials where the information on each pack or bottle may vary, with different patient or pack numbers. Some projects may require up to 5000 labels, all of which may have differing information, but must look identical for blinding purposes. This is particularly important when placebos or different strengths of active drugs are used, as the packs must be indistinguishable. The new system provides the precision label printing we require using a validatable procedure.”

5 March 2021

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