Unique child-resistant blister pack

A unique, patented blistercard system that provides high levels of child-resistance while maintaining ease of use for senior citizens is now available in the UK and Europe through Brecon Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Developed by Brecon’s US-based global joint-venture partner, ProClinical Inc, the Pick and Peel™ system works by sealing the back of each individual blister pocket with a peel away tab. Once this is removed, the dose form can then be pushed through from the reverse side, as with a conventional blister pack. A variety of shapes and sizes are available for both tablets and capsules.

Key elements of the system include:
  • Individually sealed blister pockets
  • Ability to remove the child-resistant element for senior citizen use without compromising the packaging
  • Maintenance of the stability and bioavailability of product
  • Compactness – package size not affected
  • Compatability with all current films and foils
  • Ability to be incorporated into the pack before or after the blisters are filled
  • The new system was designed to meet current US federal regulations, as stipulated in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, which requires child-resistant packaging of clinical trial oral drugs for use in households.
It has undergone protocol testing stipulated in the Act for both child-resistant and senior-adult use effectiveness, and has been reviewed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and certified for use in clinical trials.

Brecon expects strong demand for the new blistercard. “We are very excited about the prospects for the new Pick and Peel™ system,” says Managing Director, Andrew Billington. “The BSI are currently fast-tracking a standard for testing the child-resistance of blister packs in the UK while discussions for a Europe-wide standard are ongoing in Brussels. We envisage a lot of interest from the clinical trials community for what is obviously a flexible and effective solution to the problem.

“Even without the legislation, the subject of child-resistance packs is a topical debate and this is an ideal time for the introduction of Pick and Peel™ to the European market”.

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