Training is key to success in international contract

Brecon Pharmaceuticals is celebrating a major success in conjunction with pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly and Company.

The two organisations have worked together on the packaging of a new medication launched recently in Japan – acknowledged as one of the most difficult and demanding markets in the world. So successful has been the launch that, within three months, the product designed for the treatment of schizophrenia, has taken the top spot in the market, outselling all competing medications by a considerable margin.

"The product was developed in UK laboratories and is manufactured at our plant in Basingstoke," says a spokesperson for Lilly. "Clinical data has shown that it is more effective than competitor products but in Japan that is only half the battle. What is equally important is the appearance of the product and its packaging – consumers and healthcare professionals have far higher expectations in this respect in Japan than in the West. A product can stand or fall on its appearance, irrespective of how good it may be.

"Brecon Pharmaceuticals was chosen as Lilly’s partner for this project because we knew that they could offer the extremely high levels of attention to detail required," continues the spokesperson. "We were astounded at the speed with which Brecon was able to attain the quality we were looking for – something which we believe can be attributed to the excellence of the company’s training initiatives. We have worked with many suppliers in this sector and can truly say that Brecon offers training which is second to none in the industry."

This view is echoed by the QA/QC Manager from Lilly’s plant in Kobe, Japan, who spent three months at Brecon Pharmaceuticals, helping to develop procedures to ensure the required standard of quality could be maintained. During his stay, he carried out an ‘audit’ of Brecon, measuring performance against Japanese standards. The company scored well across the board, but excelled in the areas of training and product inspection.

"This project has certainly been our biggest challenge to date and a huge team effort," says Brecon director Steve Kemp, "but it’s a fantastic sense of achievement and a real tribute to all our staff. It also bodes well for Brecon’s future, as we have demonstrated to the global pharmaceutical industry that we can satisfy the world’s most demanding market in terms of quality."

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