Twenty years of service

Congratulations to Julia Whittall, who has just marked twenty years of service at Brecon with a move to a new role as Customer Services Manager.

The Brecon that Julia joined in 1982 was very different from the company we know today. At that time, it was a very small company primarily involved in the distribution of pharmaceutical products, with limited packaging operations.

Julia began her career in accounts and administration and moved through a variety of roles as the company grew but, she says, has always been in day-to-day contact with customers. Latterly Julia has handled logistics management but is delighted to have been promoted to her new function. “Customer relations are central to the success of any business,” she says, “and I am delighted to have the responsibility of ensuring that we get things right for every customer, from receipt of order to despatch of the finished product.”

Asked what appeals to her about working at Brecon, Julia says, “I think it’s the personal touch. Although we’re now a company with over 150 employees, we still manage to maintain the close relationships with our customers that we enjoyed when the team was very small. It’s very fulfilling to deal with customers and get positive feedback: I have always been a passionate believer in doing whatever it takes to keep the customer happy and Brecon has allowed me to do that.”

Reporting to Business Development Director Steve Kemp, Julia heads a team of four, including Customer Relations Co-ordinators Becky Chambers and Lena Demetre. “Although we have always valued customer relations, there has never been a dedicated function here at Brecon,” comments Julia. “I’m delighted that the company has now formalised it and even more delighted that I have been chosen to run the team.”

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