Accreditation to new quality standard

Brecon Pharmaceuticals Ltd has received accreditation to the revised ISO9000 Quality Management Standard, ISO9001:2000 which replaces all previous standards in the ISO9000 family.

Tony James, Technical Manager (QA Co-ordinator) with Breconís certificate for achieving the latest ISO9001:2000 Quality Management Standard

The revised standard introduces a number of new requirements, including the necessity to measure levels of customer satisfaction as an indicator of quality and the implementation of a continual improvement programme for quality management systems. There is also an increased emphasis on the role of the management which must provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

The standard extends measurement to systems, processes and products and requires the establishment of measurable objectives at relevant functions and levels. There is increased attention to resource availability and training effectiveness, plus a new requirement for analysis of collected data on the performance of the quality management system.

The consideration of statutory and regulatory requirements is also included for the first time.

Tony James, Technical Manager (QA Co-ordinator) at Brecon says: "There are a number of benefits to the new standard, not least that it emphasises a customer-focused approach to quality management and a culture of continuous improvement. Fortunately we have always adopted this approach, but complying with the revisions has formalised some of our procedures and further improved our quality systems.

"Overall the accreditation confirms Breconís commitment to quality throughout the business and confirms our ethos of "Growth through excellence".

23rd July 2003

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