A unique, patented blistercard system that provides high levels of child-resistance while maintaining ease of use for senior citizens is now offered by Brecon Pharmaceuticals.

Developed by Brecon's US-based global joint-venture partner, ProClinical Inc, the Pick and Peel™ system works by sealing the back of each individual blister pocket with a peel away tab. Once this is removed, the dose form can then be pushed through from the reverse side as with a conventional blister pack. A variety of shapes and sizes are available for both tablets and capsules.

Key elements of the system include:

  • Individually sealed blister pockets
  • Ability to remove the child-resistant element for senior citizen use without compromising the packaging
  • Maintenance of the stability and bioavailability of product
  • Compactness - package size not affected
  • Compatibility with all current films and foils
  • Ability to be incorporated into the pack before or after the blisters are filled

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