Choosing the right packaging services partner is critical to the success of your company. Whether for contingency purposes or as a long-term arrangement, you need to be certain that your product will be delivered on time, every time. At Brecon, our whole business is geared to providing the reliability, quality and flexibility you expect.

All projects are carried out in individual cubicles at our modern, purpose-built premises. The cubicles can be temperature- and humidity-controlled and sophisticated air handling systems maintain negative air pressure to prevent contamination. We also offer separate facilities for packaging cephalosporin and penicillin products.

Substantial and sustained investment in the latest equipment and technology means that we can offer a wide choice of packaging options for all solid dose forms - whatever the size of the batch we can provide an efficient, fast and cost-effective solution.

Each project is assigned to a team of trained operators who take full personal responsibility for ensuring the work is completed on-time and to specification.

Please email if you require further information or have a packaging requirement you would like to discuss with our team of specialists.