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The production of a peptide bond between two amino acids is referred to as peptide synthesis. While there is no formal definition of a peptide, it is typically used to refer to chains of up to 30-50 amino acids that are flexible (have little secondary structure). puritypeptidelabs.com

Is there something that bodybuilding, anti-aging lotion, and Bleomycin (a cancer medicine) have in common?

Of course, we're talking about peptides! Peptides are big molecules that are essential for human survival. The term "peptide" refers to a protein that has been broken down into smaller fragments, each of which is known individually as a peptide.

Peptides are made up of amino acids that are linked together in a chain-like form, just way proteins are. Proteins are broken down by the body into their constituent amino acids whenever they are consumed.

It then reassembles those amino acids in a different arrangement in order to produce whichever peptide or protein your body need at that time. Insulin, for example, is a 51-amino acid peptide that functions as an enzyme. Insulin is synthesised by your body from the amino acids that come from the proteins that you consume.